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3 Hot Tips for a Perfect, Natural Looking Tan on Your Wedding Day

By on Aug 20, 2019 in Blog |

3 Hot Tips for a Perfect, Natural Looking Tan on Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day – you have waited your entire life for this day! Everything must be perfect, the venue, food, music, seating, and most importantly your dress. After all, as you walk down that isle all eyes will be on you. So, one detail that most brides today consider before their wedding day is how they can achieve that perfect bridal glow while wearing a beautiful white wedding dress.

Get the perfect, natural looking tan when following these tips:

  1. Let your expectations be known by discussing them with the tanning consultant prior to starting the process and be sure to begin tanning early.

An easy to follow, the step-by-step plan can be created by your tanning consultant to ensure maximum results while minimizing burning. By discussing your expectations, the tanning consultant can really focus on ensuring the best results in the least time.

  1. Do not exceed your suggested limits.

An ID is required when signing in for tanning, and by law, you are restricted from tanning more than one time in a twenty-four-hour period. However, this definitely does not mean that you should attempt to tan more than what is suggested. It also does not mean that you should look for pink or brown skin afterward. In fact, it is best if you do not see something after tanning. The tanning process is delayed when burning does occur.

  1. Do not change lotions or significantly switch times between the makeup trial and your wedding day.

A negative reaction from the new lotion or having to drastically alter your makeup strategy due to peeling or burned skin just prior to your wedding day is not something you want or need.

In addition to these three tips, it is important to moisturize and to never wear makeup or clothing with strings while tanning.

At Tan By the Sea, we understand that planning your wedding can be stressful. Leave the stress of planning your pre-wedding day tan at the door and let our tanning experts do the work for you.