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5 Ways to Improve Your Tanning Experience

By on Apr 23, 2017 in Blog |

Skin tanning makes you look gorgeous and it can be an ideal way to increase your confidence. If you are planning to do tanning, you need to know a thing or two. Whether you are tanning your skin in a salon or you want to do it at home, here are a few tips to help you get the best tanning experience:

Ensure you moisturize the skin
Before and after a tan, you want to use a moisturizer. This helps protect your skin. Moisturizers prevent the skin from becoming too dry. It is also a good way to prolong your tan while keeping you looking young.

A tanning accelerator
You may also want to use lotions so that you tan faster. The lotions also moisturize the skin and reduce fine lines or wrinkles. These products can supply you with minerals, amino acids, and vitamins that nourish the skin.

Get a shower prior to tanning
You need to wash your skin gently. When you shower, it clears the pores. You may also want to exfoliate the skin.

Change your diet
The kind of diet you have can have an effect on your tanning experience. Consume foods that have vitamins and help in increasing the production of melatonin. Vitamin E helps protect the skin from developing wrinkles. Eating vegetables is also advisable.

These tips can help you in getting the best tanning. If you are seeking professional tanning, you may want to visit Deep Tan/Tan By the Sea. Unless you know how to tan, you may find it difficult at first. There may be imperfections and these are things you want to avoid by seeking a professional tanning salon. Stop by the salon today to see how you can get that perfect bronze color you’re longing for.