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Airbrush Tanning

By on Dec 12, 2018 in Blog |

Airbrush Tanning

When you think of getting a sunless tan, you often think of standing in a booth while you turn from side to side being sprayed with the tanning solution. But you can also get a sunless glow from an airbrush tan. An airbrush tan is completed by a technician with precision and accuracy to provide a suntan that will be the envy of all of your friends. Find out more about airbrushed tanning below and book your next appointment with Deep Tan/Tan by the Sea.


When it comes to spray tans, booths can at times leave you a little streaky if you aren’t seasoned in using them. With airbrush tanning, the technician sprays the tanning formula on by hand. This makes it easier to be more accurate and avoid streaking. The technician is able to take her time in applying the tan and can go at a pace, angle, etc. that allow for a streak-free finish.


Airbrush tans are customizable to the customer. Maybe you only want certain parts of your body tanned, such as your legs. Perhaps you have a special event where you need your shoulders, arms, and facial areas to really look healthy. With airbrush tanning, you can communicate your specifics with the technician so she can provide you with a tan that is customized to what you need and want.

Sun Kissed Glow

An airbrushed tan allows anyone to have a sun-kissed glow at any time of the year, safely and without exposure to the sun. Tanning can help you look more toned and feel better about your body. Everyone looks and feels better when they have a little bit of a glow, so why not take advantage of the airbrush tan and boost your self-confidence!

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