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Common Mistakes You Want to Avoid With Spray Tan

By on Jan 17, 2018 in Blog |

Common Mistakes You Want to Avoid With Spray Tan Many people are now turning to a spray tan to attain that bronze color complexion, and it feels really good. When summer is about to set in, people start to think of the activities they will indulge in out in the sun as well as the clothes they are going to don. It’s also the time people start applying a spray tan to be ahead of the game. A spray tan is going to give you that base color you can work in the summer sun. Nowadays, people don’t prefer basking in the sun to get that natural tan because it can cause blemish or burn the skin. Also, people have many responsibilities and chores they have to attempt whether at work or at home. These are some of the reasons why people are turning to spray tan or fake tan to get the bronze color they desire. However, spray tanning can be quite tricky for you to apply, it can also be messy. If you don’t apply the tan properly, you may end up with orange, brown, or yellow skin. You could also stain your clothes and bed sheets. If you are going to spray tan yourself, you want to avoid applying moisturizer before the tan. Of course, you want to clean and exfoliate, but don’t put on that moisturizer because it can affect how the spray tan adheres to the skin creating streaks on your body. You may consider mixing both the moisturizer and spray tan then apply onto the skin. However, there is an exception here, you can apply a cream or moisturizer on underneath the eyes. When you apply spray tan over the face, it can cause the parts underneath the eye to become darker making you look older or tired. You can beat this by applying some cream or moisturizer underneath both eyes. Also, don’t forget to shave before you tan – do it an hour before applying the spray tan. The elbows and knees tend to be too dry and rough meaning they need extra attention, make sure to take care of them. Doing your spray tan at home is fun, but it can...

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UV-Free Tanning Options for That Summer Glow

By on Feb 11, 2017 in Blog |

During the summer months, many people wish to have a healthy glow from tanning but have no time to tan. Others want a new way to tan without having to place their skin in harmful UV rays. Thankfully, there are UV-Free Tanning options to help you have a beautiful glow when you don’t have time to tan or want to be exposed to the UV rays of the sun or tanning bed. Such examples of UV-Free tanning include Airbrush Tanning and Sunless Tanning Systems. Airbrush Tanning An airbrush tanning system is an option for UV-Free tanning that helps you have a quality tan each and every time. The goal of this tan type is to have a beautiful golden tan. The tanning solution used in the airbrush gun will be customized to your body to ensure you have a lovely glow that looks natural. For the tanning type to work, the tanner will need to shower and exfoliate the night before or six hours before the treatment. Shave and avoid using lotion after. Sunless Tanning System Another alternative is the sunless tanning system. This unique innovation is an automatic skin treatment that will provide bronzing as well as hydration to the skin. It takes just 60 seconds for the treatment to take place within an open interior unit. Full-body skin treatments helps the customer to customize the application of the tanning solution with a hydration spray, skin bronzing, moisturizer and more. Deep Tan/Tan By The Sea of Carlsbad offers such tanning options so you can get a quality tan when you have no time to do so. Schedule an appointment to look great for an upcoming event or just to have that lovely tan when the summer arrives. Try such tanning solutions to enjoy a unique alternative to taking time to tan in the...

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What is Sunless Tanning?

By on Jan 12, 2017 in Blog |

In the past, sun tanning was something you did on a regular basis. From laying out in the sunshine to visiting tanning beds. However, tanning has evolved over the years and for those who do not have the time to gain a tan look to sunless tanning for their bronze glow. Sunless tanning products can provide you with the same look instantly that you would need more time for when using a tanning bed or laying outside. How Do Such Products Work? Sunless tanning products will give you a tanned look without needing to be exposed to UV rays. The product can come in lotion form, cream or spray which is applied to the skin. A professional spray-on tan is perhaps the most effective way to get the bronzed look all over your body. The active ingredient in most products of this type is dihydroxyacetone. This ingredient will react with dead cells in the surface of the skin to darken the skin and this will simulate a tan. The color will wear off in a few days. This type of tanning is ideal for those who need a quick tan or do not have time to visit the tanning bed. Going to a professional spray tanner will ensure that you receive full coverage, all over your body. If you are planning a quick getaway and want a bronze look, this tanning option is perfect. Many have found that trying to use lotions or creams on their own results in a spotty tanned look. To avoid this problem, use a spray tan service to ensure all over coverage. Deep Tan/Tan By the Sea in Encinitas specializes in sunless tanning. Find the right glow you are looking for by scheduling an appointment with the tanning experts. Give sunless tanning a try to see how quickly you can be tan....

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Why Do People Tan?

By on Jun 9, 2016 in Blog |

Tanning has become a trend since Jersey Shore became a huge hit, but why exactly do people want to have a darker color? Some say it is associated to class and affluence, others— like the great Mark Twain—believe that tanned skin can be associated with health while pale skin is equal to sickness. According to a study from Emory University, having a tan makes a person feel sexier. Using HotorNot.com, an attractiveness-rating website, the researchers gauged “hotness” scores of the same woman with her natural complexion and tanned skin color. Doing the same process in 45 images of women aged 21 to 35 years old, the researchers discovered that the tanned version of the women are “twice as likely” to be considered attractive. This explains why people—mostly women—often go to tanning salons and spas to achieve a color they were not born with. However, Dr. Audrey Kunin, a dermatologist and the founder of DERMADoctor Inc. revealed that there may be negative implications to artificial tanning. According to her, people believe that being tanned become more attractive and healthier-looking but the truth is, they are only doing it to impress other people. “It’s incredibly difficult to get someone not to do something that they perceive as providing them with a positive perception. It was the same thing with smoking. Especially younger people have a hard time seeing themselves as getting older and having to deal with these risks,” she said. Even so, if tanning can boost a person’s self-esteem and get her to a certain amount of confidence that could win her happiness, there is no point in preventing her from doing it. Just remember: whatever your reason for acquiring a tan may be, make sure that you do it because you want to feel good about yourself and not just to satisfy anybody. After all, you are your own woman and you are beautiful no matter what your...

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Sunless Tanning for a Gorgeous Bronze Look

By on Jan 1, 2016 in Blog |

Sunless tanning is preferred to sunbathing because it has fewer risks. Dermatologists warn against sunbathing because the UV light may damage the skin. These days, many sunless tanning products are available at stores. You may want to do self tanning at home or visit a professional tanning salon in Carlsbad, CA to get that sun-kissed look.   Self tanners won’t damage your skin and they come in different shades and formulations. Different self tanning products work for different individuals. You need to experiment on a small part of skin to find out if the product you are using is going to work best for you. A patch test ensures that you don’t apply a tanning lotion that produces bad results. When done correctly, self tanning mimics the look of natural tan.   You may also opt for spray tan which tends to be less expensive. Many tanning salons offer spray tans for monthly fees something that reduces the cost of tanning. A spray tan gives you a dark complexion that makes you look beautiful. When doing spray tan, make sure that you don’t inhale or ingest the product.   Wearing safety filters and protective gears for the lips, eyes, and mouth reduces the risks of the product coming in contact with sensitive areas of the body.   If you are seeking a professional tanning salon, you can visit Deep Tan/Tan By the Sea to get a spray tan. You will get the best tanning experience done by expert body makeup artists. Tan By The Sea uses an advanced automatic sunless tanning treatment to help you get a golden looking skin that is hydrated and smooth in just a short time. Its sunless tanning combines state of the art technologies including Comfort-Dry technology, EZ-2Breathe purification system, and intelliSENSE control...

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