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How Long Does a Professional Tan Last?

By on Jan 25, 2020 in Blog |

How Long Does a Professional Tan Last? One of the more commonly asked questions asked at tanning salons is how long their tan will last. When investing your resources and time into a UV tan or spray tan, it is a valid question. However, the answer is not as easy as cut-and-dry. There are many factors that come into play. To have an understanding of how long your tan will last, continue reading: How Long Do UV Tans Last? To achieve their best bronze tan, some individuals prefer using a UV tanning bed. The amount of time a UV tan lasts can vary. In fact, one person may need to tan every few days, while others only need to tan every few weeks before their tan fades. This is due to the person’s skin cell composition. Different individuals’ skin cells exfoliate and replenish at different times. Those with a longer skin cell turnaround will notice that their tan does not fade quickly. On the other hand, those with a short turnaround will find their tans fade quickly. How Long Do Professional Spray Tans Last? When a spray tan is used for tanning, bronzers, as well as other products, dye the skin. This dye gives the appearance of a tan. Spray tans can appear natural when done properly. Spray tans can last anywhere from five days to fifteen days. A person who has a spray tan applied at a reputable tanning salon should work with the tanning specialists to determine the correct skin care regimen to help them prolong their tan. Regardless of whether you choose a spray tan application or a UV tanning experience, there are tips and tricks to help your tan last longer. Ask your tanning specialist at Deep Tan By the Sea for more information or book an appointment...

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Advantages of Searching for a VersaSpa Spray Tan in Carlsbad, California

By on Jan 25, 2020 in Blog |

Advantages of Searching for a VersaSpa Spray Tan in Carlsbad, California If you are looking for a VersaSpa spray tan in your area, then you have just taken one of the most important steps towards a natural-looking, gorgeous tan without the risk of UV-ray exposure. In fact, VersaSpa tanning is so much more than conventual sunless tanning. VersaSpa spray tanning is the complete experience that keeps your skin glowing throughout the year. Here are some of the great advantages of looking for VersaSpa tanning near you: VersaSpa Spray Tanning Combines Beauty with Science VersaSpa’s technology is based on science which makes it work much better than any other tanning product out there. The Carlsbad VersaSpa spray tan location rejuvenates your skin cells completely to ensure a stunning tan every time. VersaSpa’s formula is groundbreaking, featuring a branded blend of green and brown algae. This alga works to oxygenate, moisturize, and detoxify your skin while changing it into a natural tan color. You Get a No Streak Tan Every Time The branded formula is not the only amazing thing about a VersaSpa spray tan. The Carlsbad location utilizes a unique application process. This tanning location uses the most successful tan technology available today. The tanning machine will have you stand in 4 poses. After that, it coats your body four times. This type of method ensures that no part of your body is left undone. Treats Your Skin Right Another one of the many advantages when having a VersaSpa spray tan in Carlsbad, California, is the incredible spray tan treatments that you can choose to ensure a streak-free, flawless tan. If you are searching for a VersaSpa spray tan, look no further than Tan By the Sea. For questions or to make an appointment for a flawless tan, contact us...

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Maintain a Golden Glow in Winter with Spray Tanning

By on Nov 22, 2019 in Blog |

Maintain a Golden Glow in Winter with Spray Tanning During the summer months, it is easy to maintain a bronze glow because so much time is spent outdoors. However, once the temperatures start to drop during the fall and winter season, we spend more time in doors, which means your tan starts to fade. To ensure you stay golden year-round, consider a spray tan treatment. The tools and techniques used for spray tanning continue to evolve year after year, making the option more affordable, convenient and safe for bronze skin. Unlike tanning outdoors or in a sun tanning bed, you are not exposing your skin to harmful UV rays, be it from the sun or bulbs. With spray tanning treatments, a simple solution is used to provide a lovely glow to your skin. In the winter, you want to maintain your glow without looking overdone or too bronze. Lighter shades of spray tanning solution can easily be used in the colder months to help your skin maintain a lovely look without appearing harsh or orange in tone. The trick is to work with a salon that is experienced in all types of spray tanning options. With the right techniques and products, you can have glowing skin whenever you like. Many people opt for a spray tan before a big event or a winter vacation to a tropical location. The process takes just minutes to complete and the outcome is beautiful, golden skin. Facilities like Deep Tan/Tan By The Sea provide detailed instructions on how you should prepare for the spray tan as well as what you should do after the treatment. If you want the tan to look its best, shower six hours before hand and exfoliate your skin. Avoid wearing makeup and any type of lotion or moisturizer. After the spray tan treatment, be sure to avoid sweating. Do not work out or dance around as sweat can affect the treatment. You also want to avoid showering for an extended period of time so the solution can adhere to your skin. If you are feeling a little pale this winter, give a spray tan a try. You will be surprised at how your skin appears and want to...

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3 Top Benefits of Airbrush Tanning

By on Nov 9, 2019 in Blog |

3 Top Benefits of Airbrush Tanning Beautiful golden skin can look attractive all year-round. But, during the winter months, it can be difficult to maintain. Airbrush tanning is an effective, safe way to obtain the look you desire without exposure to excessive UV rays. The following are three benefits of airbrush tanning: Helps you maintain confidence If your self-esteem receives a boost from your summer glow, then maintain that feeling all winter long with airbrush tanning. Although during the long, cold winter you wear more clothing layers, this tanning solution will produce a color that looks beautiful and healthy. In fact, your skin will have the perfect glow throughout the season. Creates Streak-Free Results Methods for at-home tanning such as sprays and creams frequently leave behind unwanted dark patches. However, airbrush tanning booths utilize a fine mist that creates a flawless, smooth application. There are no worries about streaking or dripping since the spray dries quickly. When you leave the tanning salon, not only will the coating appear natural on your skin, but it does not create an uneven skin tone as it fades evenly. Eradicates Excess UV Exposure Although individuals everywhere enjoy the look of tanned skin, there is nobody who wants to put themselves at risk for cancer or burns. In fact, a safe alternative to UV exposure is airbrush tanning. An excellent way to relax is by spending time in the sun. But your skin should always be covered to reduce the light’s harmful effect. To create a golden look and maintain healthy skin choose a sunless tanning method. Whether you want to try airbrush tanning for the first time, or you are a regular salon customer, the tanning specialists at Tan By The Sea are ready to help you look...

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Maintain A Bronze Glow in Winter with Spray Tanning

By on Nov 8, 2019 in Blog |

Maintain A Bronze Glow in Winter with Spray Tanning The spring and summer months are seasons when we spend a great deal of time outdoors. The sunshine feels great and the temperatures are warm enough for outdoor activities like hiking and going to the park. During this time, it is easy to maintain a healthy glow on your skin due to the time spent in the sunshine. But once fall and winter arrive, time spent outdoors slows down and your glow fades away. Thankfully, you can maintain bronze skin by taking advantage of options such as spray tanning. Airbrush for an Even Tan For the best tan during the colder months, airbrush tanning is suggested. With an airbrush system, the tanning process will be perfect every time. You can control how dark or light your skin will be, setting your perfect tone for the new seasons. A solution is mixed based on how tan you wish to be and then applied to your skin with an airbrush system. The solution dries quick and easy and you will instantly look like you have been on a tropical vacation! Many people have a spray tan to hold on to their glow or to look tan when going on a winter vacation to a tropical location! Simple Process The process of airbrush tanning is simple. By setting up an appointment at such companies as Deep Tan/Tan By The Sea, a professional will complete the process for you. Before the session, you must shower and exfoliate with salt and sugar scrubs recommended for the best effect. This should be done no later than six hours before the appointment. Shaving should be completed as needed and no lotion applied to the skin, including daily moisturizers you might use. This will cause the solution to fail to adhere to the body like it should. When you arrive, be sure to avoid wearing makeup and wear loose clothing. No working out or doing any type of activity after that will cause sweating as this can make you lose your tan. Once you take advantage of spray airbrush tanning, you will be back for more. The process takes just a few minutes and gives you a customized...

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How to Achieve the Perfect Airbrush Tan

By on Aug 21, 2019 in Blog |

How to Achieve the Perfect Airbrush Tan Airbrush tanning is easily becoming the top choice for women in the United States to achieve a healthy glow. The perfect color can easily be applied to the body when you work with a quality tanning business. A rich golden tan can transform the way you look and with airbrushing, you do not have to worry about skin conditions due to the harmful rays of the sun. But how do you achieve the perfect tan? If you are new to airbrush tanning, it is important to get to know the process. You want to follow the right steps to ensure the tan lasts as long as possible and without any blotchiness or issues. Pre-Tan To achieve the best results, you will need to take certain steps six hours before your tan or the night before. Shower and exfoliate, using a salt or sugar scrub is bets. You want to exfoliate the skin, so it is ready for the spray tan. Shave where you would like. Be sure to avoid using any moisturizers or other products on the skin as that can affect the spray tan. Day Of The day of your tanning appointment, do not wear makeup. Do not apply any lotion on the body. Do not work out or do anything that will cause you to sweat. You want to wear old clothing to your appointment or a dark colored swim suit. The solution should not stain but you want to avoid damaging any of your favorite clothing. Once the tan is complete, you will want to wear loose clothing for at least eight to ten hours. Do not shower or go for a swim for the same time frame. The tan will have developed during this time and adhere to the body. For the perfect airbrush tan, visit a facility such as Deep Tan/Tan By the Sea. With expert help, you can achieve the right tan and tone for your body...

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