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Common Mistakes You Want to Avoid With Spray Tan

By on Jan 17, 2018 in Blog |

Common Mistakes You Want to Avoid With Spray Tan

Many people are now turning to a spray tan to attain that bronze color complexion, and it feels really good. When summer is about to set in, people start to think of the activities they will indulge in out in the sun as well as the clothes they are going to don. It’s also the time people start applying a spray tan to be ahead of the game.

A spray tan is going to give you that base color you can work in the summer sun. Nowadays, people don’t prefer basking in the sun to get that natural tan because it can cause blemish or burn the skin. Also, people have many responsibilities and chores they have to attempt whether at work or at home. These are some of the reasons why people are turning to spray tan or fake tan to get the bronze color they desire. However, spray tanning can be quite tricky for you to apply, it can also be messy.

If you don’t apply the tan properly, you may end up with orange, brown, or yellow skin. You could also stain your clothes and bed sheets.

If you are going to spray tan yourself, you want to avoid applying moisturizer before the tan. Of course, you want to clean and exfoliate, but don’t put on that moisturizer because it can affect how the spray tan adheres to the skin creating streaks on your body. You may consider mixing both the moisturizer and spray tan then apply onto the skin. However, there is an exception here, you can apply a cream or moisturizer on underneath the eyes.

When you apply spray tan over the face, it can cause the parts underneath the eye to become darker making you look older or tired. You can beat this by applying some cream or moisturizer underneath both eyes. Also, don’t forget to shave before you tan – do it an hour before applying the spray tan.
The elbows and knees tend to be too dry and rough meaning they need extra attention, make sure to take care of them.

Doing your spray tan at home is fun, but it can also be messy, so why not consider a professional stylish spray tanning experience with Deep Tan/Tan By the Sea.