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Demand for Tanning Beds Seen to Expand in 2017-2025

By on Oct 6, 2017 in Blog |

Demand for Tanning Beds Seen to Expand in 2017-2025

As fears cast a gloomy pall on the indoor tanning industry, the demand in the luxury sector for tanning is still expected to expand between 2017 and 2025, a market research reported.

According to the press statement from Persistence Market Research, the demand will largely be dominated by North America “due to increasing awareness and better healthcare facilities.” Europe, meanwhile, is following closely behind in terms of tanning beds sales.

The fears regarding tanning beds were prompted by the 2009 report from the World Health Organization that concluded that indoor tanning beds may also cause skin cancers such as melanoma. In response, the federal government imposed additional 10%, which is called the tanning tax, on salons and spas under the Affordable Care Act.

Then 42 states passed laws that prohibit the use of tanning beds by underage girls and boys, without parental consent. The moves by the federal and state governments almost killed the whole industry as about 30% closed shop, said the report.

Shanti Lackey, the principal at Tan by the Sea over at Carlsbad, CA, said the cancer risks are mostly overblown. Just like when people stay under the sun for too long, too much exposure to tanning beds will have ill-effects on the skin.

This is the reason why indoor tanning should always be done under the watchful eyes of professionals, who will ensure that time inside the machines are carefully monitored, instead of consumers buying tanning beds at home where the tendency for abuse is high.

Nevertheless, she said they also offer sunless tanning for those who don’t want to come into contact with the UV rays emitted by tanning beds. “Our Versaspa technology is a revolutionary way to get sunless tanning,” she said. “They can bronze, hydrate, and smooth their skins in just a minute.”