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How Long Does a Professional Tan Last?

By on Jan 25, 2020 in Blog |

How Long Does a Professional Tan Last?

One of the more commonly asked questions asked at tanning salons is how long their tan will last. When investing your resources and time into a UV tan or spray tan, it is a valid question. However, the answer is not as easy as cut-and-dry. There are many factors that come into play. To have an understanding of how long your tan will last, continue reading:

How Long Do UV Tans Last?

To achieve their best bronze tan, some individuals prefer using a UV tanning bed. The amount of time a UV tan lasts can vary. In fact, one person may need to tan every few days, while others only need to tan every few weeks before their tan fades. This is due to the person’s skin cell composition. Different individuals’ skin cells exfoliate and replenish at different times. Those with a longer skin cell turnaround will notice that their tan does not fade quickly. On the other hand, those with a short turnaround will find their tans fade quickly.

How Long Do Professional Spray Tans Last?

When a spray tan is used for tanning, bronzers, as well as other products, dye the skin. This dye gives the appearance of a tan. Spray tans can appear natural when done properly. Spray tans can last anywhere from five days to fifteen days. A person who has a spray tan applied at a reputable tanning salon should work with the tanning specialists to determine the correct skin care regimen to help them prolong their tan.

Regardless of whether you choose a spray tan application or a UV tanning experience, there are tips and tricks to help your tan last longer. Ask your tanning specialist at Deep Tan By the Sea for more information or book an appointment today!