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How to Achieve the Perfect Airbrush Tan

By on Aug 21, 2019 in Blog |

How to Achieve the Perfect Airbrush Tan

Airbrush tanning is easily becoming the top choice for women in the United States to achieve a healthy glow. The perfect color can easily be applied to the body when you work with a quality tanning business. A rich golden tan can transform the way you look and with airbrushing, you do not have to worry about skin conditions due to the harmful rays of the sun.

But how do you achieve the perfect tan? If you are new to airbrush tanning, it is important to get to know the process. You want to follow the right steps to ensure the tan lasts as long as possible and without any blotchiness or issues.


To achieve the best results, you will need to take certain steps six hours before your tan or the night before. Shower and exfoliate, using a salt or sugar scrub is bets. You want to exfoliate the skin, so it is ready for the spray tan. Shave where you would like. Be sure to avoid using any moisturizers or other products on the skin as that can affect the spray tan.

Day Of

The day of your tanning appointment, do not wear makeup. Do not apply any lotion on the body. Do not work out or do anything that will cause you to sweat. You want to wear old clothing to your appointment or a dark colored swim suit.

The solution should not stain but you want to avoid damaging any of your favorite clothing. Once the tan is complete, you will want to wear loose clothing for at least eight to ten hours. Do not shower or go for a swim for the same time frame. The tan will have developed during this time and adhere to the body.

For the perfect airbrush tan, visit a facility such as Deep Tan/Tan By the Sea. With expert help, you can achieve the right tan and tone for your body type.