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Maintain a Golden Glow in Winter with Spray Tanning

By on Nov 22, 2019 in Blog |

Maintain a Golden Glow in Winter with Spray Tanning

During the summer months, it is easy to maintain a bronze glow because so much time is spent outdoors. However, once the temperatures start to drop during the fall and winter season, we spend more time in doors, which means your tan starts to fade. To ensure you stay golden year-round, consider a spray tan treatment.

The tools and techniques used for spray tanning continue to evolve year after year, making the option more affordable, convenient and safe for bronze skin. Unlike tanning outdoors or in a sun tanning bed, you are not exposing your skin to harmful UV rays, be it from the sun or bulbs. With spray tanning treatments, a simple solution is used to provide a lovely glow to your skin.

In the winter, you want to maintain your glow without looking overdone or too bronze. Lighter shades of spray tanning solution can easily be used in the colder months to help your skin maintain a lovely look without appearing harsh or orange in tone.

The trick is to work with a salon that is experienced in all types of spray tanning options. With the right techniques and products, you can have glowing skin whenever you like. Many people opt for a spray tan before a big event or a winter vacation to a tropical location. The process takes just minutes to complete and the outcome is beautiful, golden skin.

Facilities like Deep Tan/Tan By The Sea provide detailed instructions on how you should prepare for the spray tan as well as what you should do after the treatment. If you want the tan to look its best, shower six hours before hand and exfoliate your skin. Avoid wearing makeup and any type of lotion or moisturizer.

After the spray tan treatment, be sure to avoid sweating. Do not work out or dance around as sweat can affect the treatment. You also want to avoid showering for an extended period of time so the solution can adhere to your skin.

If you are feeling a little pale this winter, give a spray tan a try. You will be surprised at how your skin appears and want to keep that lovely glow all the time!