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Maintain A Bronze Glow in Winter with Spray Tanning

By on Nov 8, 2019 in Blog |

Maintain A Bronze Glow in Winter with Spray Tanning

The spring and summer months are seasons when we spend a great deal of time outdoors. The sunshine feels great and the temperatures are warm enough for outdoor activities like hiking and going to the park. During this time, it is easy to maintain a healthy glow on your skin due to the time spent in the sunshine. But once fall and winter arrive, time spent outdoors slows down and your glow fades away. Thankfully, you can maintain bronze skin by taking advantage of options such as spray tanning.

Airbrush for an Even Tan

For the best tan during the colder months, airbrush tanning is suggested. With an airbrush system, the tanning process will be perfect every time. You can control how dark or light your skin will be, setting your perfect tone for the new seasons. A solution is mixed based on how tan you wish to be and then applied to your skin with an airbrush system.

The solution dries quick and easy and you will instantly look like you have been on a tropical vacation! Many people have a spray tan to hold on to their glow or to look tan when going on a winter vacation to a tropical location!

Simple Process

The process of airbrush tanning is simple. By setting up an appointment at such companies as Deep Tan/Tan By The Sea, a professional will complete the process for you. Before the session, you must shower and exfoliate with salt and sugar scrubs recommended for the best effect. This should be done no later than six hours before the appointment.

Shaving should be completed as needed and no lotion applied to the skin, including daily moisturizers you might use. This will cause the solution to fail to adhere to the body like it should. When you arrive, be sure to avoid wearing makeup and wear loose clothing. No working out or doing any type of activity after that will cause sweating as this can make you lose your tan.

Once you take advantage of spray airbrush tanning, you will be back for more. The process takes just a few minutes and gives you a customized bronze look that will keep your skin glowing and fresh for weeks to come!