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Make That Tan Last Through Winter

By on Sep 9, 2017 in Blog |

Make That Tan Last Through Winter
You got this perfect tan that makes you feel and look like a goddess, but for the life of you, you can’t make it last longer than three days! You are wise, and so you will not spend hours in the sun just to keep that bronzed look. What to do now? Don’t fret. We have tricks up our sleeve!

Prep is Everything
Your skin will respond best under certain conditions. Before the spray tan, you want to start exfoliating every day for two to three days. Exfoliation will not only rid the skin of dead skin, but it will also remove product build-up to facilitate a smooth process. The better the product settles on your skin, the longer it will last.

Further Prepping
You want to wax at least 24 hours before the tan, mainly because any hair removal after the process will take away a chunk of your tan. The tan will also be more effective when skin is dry and clean. Take a shower at least 8 hours before, and don’t apply any moisturizer. Deodorant will act as a barrier, so you want it off.

Leave It To Dry
A tan is a labor of love. It will dry in 6-8 hours, and so you will need tonnes of patience. You don’t want to sleep, shower, or get dressed immediately after the spray as that will leave some undesirable lines. If you can, apply it at night and then leave it to dry for a few hours before dressing or sleeping.

The First Shower and Aftercare
Use lukewarm water for your first shower after a fake tan to preserve it. Hydration is essential for retention, so you want to drink your eight glasses a day for healthy skin. As much as you need to moisturize the skin, you want to avoid heavy oil-based creams and lotions as they could remove your tan.
And that, beautiful people, is how you retain a tan through winter!