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Reasons Why You Should Opt for Professional Airbrush Tanning

By on Mar 3, 2018 in Blog |

Reasons Why You Should Opt for Professional Airbrush Tanning

A study published in Dermatologic Surgery revealed that tanned people are perceived to be more attractive than when they are “untanned”. This study supports why many women (and men) are going to tanning salons to get that much-needed tan, particularly if they do not have the time to go on a vacation in some tropical paradise and get a natural tan.

If you are one of the many who wants to look “hot” by getting a nice tan, you should consider getting a professional airbrush tanning for the following reasons:

It is the Healthier and Safer Option
While tanning beds and sunbathing can also give you that sun-kissed look, these options can expose you to dangerous UV rays that can damage your skin, cause premature skin aging or even increase your chance of getting skin cancer. With airbrush tanning, you get the same fabulous results without exposing your skin to harmful elements.

It Looks Natural
Airbrush tanning done by reputable tanning salons looks identical to a natural tan. Moreover, this tanning technique can tone your features to give them more definition such as your abdominal and leg muscles. Some stylists claim that many celebrities opt for airbrushing specifically for this purpose.

It Can Be Done Easily
If you are going to bathe under the sun to get a tan, you need to stay for a couple of hours tossing and turning just so you can have an even tan. This is tedious and even irritating especially if you are not the patient type. Fortunately, with airbrush tanning, you get the perfect tone in just a few minutes.

If you want a nice glow without the hassle and health risks, get in touch with the friendly people of Tan by the Sea tanning boutique and schedule your airbrush tanning appointment today.