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What To Expect The First Time You Go For Spray Tanning

By on Aug 21, 2019 in Blog |

What To Expect The First Time You Go For Spray Tanning 

On your first visit to a salon for spray tanning, you may be a little nervous.  If you have never been undressed before a stranger for a spray tan, you may want to find out what to expect before you get that cold brown liquid on your body.  When you are prepared, it will enhance your experience with the therapist and the spray tanning.

It is best you turn up foundation-free and remove any makeup you may have.  In the salon, you will be provided with face wipes, which you can use to remove deodorants that could be a barrier to the tanning formula.  As the therapist waits for you, undress and remove any jewelry you could be wearing.

Have a disposable pant to wear and put on your turban or hair net to protect your hair.  Make sure that you keep your ears out, regardless of how silly you feel.  To avoid having the fake tan on the soles, step onto the sticky feet.

Your therapist will ask you how deep the tan should be.  It is your time to explain how you want the tan to look like.  Talk of a celeb you have seen in fake tan or show the therapist a picture with the kind of fake tan you want.  If you are tanning for an occasion, let the therapist know.  It may be a 10-day holiday you are tanning for meaning that you need to have a deeper shade that’s going to last longer.  If you are tanning for a wedding the next day, a lighter tan will ensure you look as natural as possible in those wedding photos.

When in the tanning tent or pod, the therapist will apply the formula using a spray gun to your face then down the body.  You need to take some deep breath and ensure you keep the eyes closed.  Since therapists have their individual secret technique of spray tanning, make sure that you follow the instructions they give you during the tanning session.

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